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Beth, 22yrs Old, 2 Week Course

teeth whitening before and after coconut oil pulling"I hadn't ever thought much about trying non-abrasive holistic teeth whitening methods such as oil pulling before. But of course with us launching the product I had to try it for myself. I used one sachet every evening whilst watching tv series so the 20 minutes flew and not only that but my mouth has honestly never felt so clean. You do have to stick with the whitening every day to see these results and to ensure you are doing the full 20 minutes too. The taste of Chi White is clean and refreshing unlike so many of the unnatural teeth whitening products on the market. Knowing that I am able to get a pearly white smile without causing my teeth to become sensitive and risk sore gums etc is such a relief and for a fraction of the price too..overall a VERY happy girl !!"