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Why Oil Pull with Coconut Oil?

Since oil pulling has become all the craze, for Hollywood Celebs and lay people alike, we here at Chi White believe it would be of further benefit to use our house favourite all natural 100% organic coconut Oil.

The health benefits of oil pulling are being touted left right and centre, from whitening teeth, improving oral hygiene and removing bacteria and plaque and even preventing cavities! With Chi White we combine the benefits of oil pulling with our favourite miracle oil.  Courtesy of our beloved coconut.

As half the fat of coconut oil contains a powerful ingredient called Lauric acid, this inhibits bacteria growth of Strep Mutans the primary cause of tooth decay. Strepococcus Mutans can also cause maladies such as meningitis, pneumonia and sinusitis. It's a wonder that the simple remedy of oil pulling with coconut oil may prevent such diseases from occurring. As if we needed another reason to use coconut oil.

Benefits of Coconut oil:

Moisturise skin and hair

Balance hormones

Can improve Alzheimer's

Help with acne

Detoxing the body

Additionally as coconut oil is highly absorbable you can experience it's benefits by simply oil pulling!

Oil pulling with Chi White provides a simple, all natural, organic alternative to the standard practice of bleaching your teeth, leaving you with extra pearly whites without the harsh chemical treatment.

For further information on coconut oil pulling click here. Start oil pulling with coconut oil!

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